Overview of Total Environment Plots Goa

Total Environment Plots Goa is an exquisite and prestigious plotted development project that offers the perfect opportunity for homeowners to build their dream homes amidst the enchanting beauty of Goa's pristine beaches. Total Environment, known for its commitment to innovation and sustainable living, brings its expertise to this project, creating a unique living experience that embraces the natural surroundings.

These thoughtfully crafted plots in Goa are designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering residents a harmonious blend of modern living and the tranquility of nature. The innovative design, along with green roofs and breathtaking detailing, reflects Total Environment's dedication to providing a holistic living environment that connects residents with the beauty of their surroundings.

Total Environment Properties in Goa are designed to bring the essence of nature into residents' daily lives. The development focuses on incorporating green spaces and eco-friendly features, aiming to enhance the quality of life and promote well-being. Embracing the beauty of the beach and the serenity of the coastal landscape, the project offers residents the chance to live in harmony with nature, providing a refreshing escape from the urban bustle.

These plots in Goa are not just about building homes but creating a lifestyle that celebrates nature and sustainable living. Total Environment's vision for the project is to offer residents a sanctuary where they can immerse themselves in the shinning beauty of the beach and experience the essence of Goa's coastal charm.

With innovative and sustainable planning at its core, Total Environment Plots Goa is set to become an iconic landmark that showcases the perfect blend of modern architecture and nature's splendor. Residents will have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the beach, the breathtaking sea views, and the calming sound of waves while living in their dream homes designed to reflect their unique preferences and desires.

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Total Environment Plots Goa Price List

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
Plots Upcoming On Request
Plots Upcoming On Request

Amenities in Total Environment Plots Goa

Total Environment Plots Goa offers a carefully curated array of amenities aimed at enriching the lives of its residents. The centerpiece of this development is the state-of-the-art clubhouse, serving as a lively social and recreational hub. Within the clubhouse, residents have access to a well-equipped gymnasium, providing them with the means to maintain their fitness routines and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, an inviting swimming pool waits, offering a refreshing escape and a space to unwind amidst the pristine beauty of Goa's coastal charm.

For sports enthusiasts, Total Environment Plots Goa presents a diverse range of outdoor sports facilities. The project includes meticulously maintained sports courts for tennis, basketball, and badminton, allowing residents to indulge in their favorite sports activities. Whether engaging in friendly matches with friends or engaging in regular practice sessions, the sports facilities cater to the active lifestyle of the residents, ensuring ample opportunities for leisure and enjoyment.

Total Environment Plots Goa has been thoughtfully designed to appeal to nature lovers as well. The beautifully landscaped gardens and walking trails enveloping the development create a serene and immersive experience with nature. Residents can savor leisurely strolls amidst lush greenery, embracing the tranquility and charm that Goa's coastal landscape offers. The well-planned walking trails provide an idyllic setting for morning walks, evening leisure, or moments of quiet contemplation in the lap of nature.

The safety and security of residents are given utmost priority at Total Environment Plots Goa. The project is equipped with advanced security systems, including round-the-clock manned security personnel and CCTV surveillance, ensuring a safe living environment for all residents and their families. With these measures in place, residents can find peace of mind, knowing they are well-protected within their living community.

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Goa, located on the western coast of India, is a captivating state known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. With its palm-fringed shores, a mix of Indian and Portuguese influences, and an array of water sports and beach activities, Goa attracts tourists from around the globe. Beyond its popular beaches and bustling nightlife, Goa offers a glimpse into its colonial past through its historic churches and quaint villages. Whether you seek relaxation on its sandy shores or a cultural immersion in its charming towns, Goa's unique blend of beauty, traditions, and flavors make it a captivating destination that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

About Total Environment

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Total Environment is a renowned and innovative real estate developer with a distinguished presence in the industry. With a strong emphasis on quality, design, and sustainability, Total Environment has carved a niche for itself by creating exceptional living spaces that go beyond conventional norms. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their projects, from the meticulous craftsmanship to the thoughtful integration of green spaces and eco-friendly features.

What sets Total Environment apart is their customer-centric philosophy, which places the needs and aspirations of homebuyers at the forefront. They take a personalized approach, engaging with customers throughout the entire home-buying journey to ensure a seamless and delightful experience. Each project by Total Environment reflects their passion for innovation and attention to detail, providing residents with homes that are not just spaces to live but places that inspire and nurture a sense of belonging. As a reputable builder, Total Environment continues to set new standards in the real estate market, redefining urban living with their thoughtfully designed, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing developments.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Total Environment Plots Goa is situated in the town of Doddaballapur, Karnataka, India.
A: Total Environment Plots Goa offers residential plots, providing buyers with the opportunity to build their own custom homes.
A: While specific amenities are yet to be disclosed, Total Environment is known for its focus on sustainable living and creating developments that prioritize green spaces and eco-friendly design. The project is likely to offer amenities that enhance the living experience and foster a sense of community.
A: As of my last update in September 2021, Doddaballapur does not have a metro station. However, the town enjoys good connectivity to major highways and roads, providing convenient access to other parts of Bangalore.
A: Total Environment Plots Goa is developed by Total Environment, a renowned real estate company known for its innovative and sustainable approach to construction.

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